WLOX Editorial: Litter a tourism problem

If you travel I-10 you probably wonder, like the rest of us, why there is so much litter? The litter problem in some spots is so bad, that it is even accumulating along the tree line and in the trees. Why can't South Mississippi get this mess under control? It seems like every year the problem gets worse instead of better. Yet we expect tourists to come and enjoy our beauty.

The problem is before they get to our beautiful beaches and the islands they have to drive by miles of litter. There are committees trying to determine how to spend millions to attract tourists to our area. But unless we do something to improve the looks of our front door, those millions will be wasted.

It is time for our elected officials, as well as us in the private sector, to demand that something be done about this ugly mess. Already an influx of thousands of tourists is underway for Mardi Gras and the Winter Classic, with the PGA Golf tournament right around the corner.

Unfortunately unless something is done, litter will be what greets them. MDOT generally only picks up trash three times a year, before mowing. As we are in winter, a non-grass growing time, the litter hasn't been picked up in months.  Certainly this needs to change.

No amount of money spent on tourism can overcome an area that is cluttered with litter.

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David Vincent
WLOX-TV General Manager

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