Chaplains Help With The Battle On The Homefront

Imagine watching news coverage of a bombing in Iraq, knowing someone you love could be involved or nearby. This is a disturbing day-to-day reality for many people in the area who have family members deployed overseas.

"It's increased our prayer life...that's for sure," said Jerry Seely, Command Chaplain of the Gulfport Seabee Base.

Jerry Seely is the command chaplain at the Gulfport Seabee Base. He's an on shore pastor, responsible for taking care of the needs of people here on the homefront. His job is especially challenging during times of deployment, but he knows all too well...winning the war overseas starts at home.

"I think most Seabees that are deployed, if they know that their families are being taken care of in the rear, here on the base then they can focus on their jobs," Seely said.

Deployment brings a lot of added responsiblity for the family members left behind. These spiritual leaders try to lighten the load by lending an ear...and some guidance.

"A lot of it's going to be finanical counseling. A lot of it will also be issues of loneliness. What do I do when the person's away. I'm struggling. I had his help before. I had her help before, when she was here, and now I'm all by myself," Chaplain Allen Vaughan

But they're "not" alone. They can always turn to these spiritual leaders who are fighters in their own right.