Emergency Faculty Senate Meeting Scheduled For Sunday

Members of the USM faculty senate will conduct an emergency meeting Sunday regarding the suspension of two Univerisity professors.

Proceedings are underway to fire Anthropology and Sociology professor Francis Glamser and English professor Gary Stringer. Both said they were suspended for questioning the credentials of the University's Vice President of Research and Economic Development, Angie Dvorak.

An investigation conducted by the USM chapter of the American Association of Professors concluded that Dvorak misrepresented herself on her resume, an accusation Dvorak denies.

A USM representative said the law prevents the school from commenting on the issue.

Faculty Senate president, Myron Henry, told WLOX on Saturday:

"I think it's a tragedy for our university. It's very difficult and puts a real chilling effect on campus; not good for students. Both were distinguished teachers as well as scholars. At our university the open discussion of issues is maybe a time-gone-bye, and if it is a time-gone-bye it doesn't contribute to the intellectual development of students."

The emergency meeting of the faculty senate is scheduled for 4 o'clock Sunday.