Biloxi Road Project Relocates Coast Tradition

"We come along and think everything is going be all right, then here comes the city wanting to take our property," said Quality Poultry & Seafood owner Clell Rosetti.

The Rosetti family of Quality Poultry & Seafood has been serving just that here at 312 Caillavet Street for more than 50 years.

Nearly four of those years have been spent in countless negotiations with the city.

Now their business, along with others on the street, are moving to the south end of Division and Caillavet Street.

Rosetti says even though he is saddened to leave the exact spot of his second home, sometimes you have to take a little pain along with the progress.

And "progress" is what the city wants.

"Right now what you're seeing on Caillavet Street is the clearing of the right of way. What's going happen is that road is going be moving over slightly to the east and it's going be a four lane boulevard and it's going be nicely manicured with trees and nice green space and it's mainly going get rid of some of the congestion we're seeing from some of the neighboring businesses.This is not just a road project. This is a revitalization project that's going create new businesses and dress up the businesses that are there now so it's going create jobs, improve the tax base, and move traffic," said Biloxi public affairs manager Vincent Creel.

So even though Quality Poultry and Seafood has to change locations, the service will remain the same.

"It's going be the same. It's just going be a new building you know. A broader line...we're going to expand tremendously. Our market will be twice the size that it is right now. We'll have twice as many products as we're handling right now. So in the long run it will be better," said Rosetti.

Work on the new boulevard is scheduled to begin by the end of this year, and parts of the roadway will be open by the end of 2005.

Rosetti hopes to move into his new building in March of next year.