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Guitar festival showcases classical performances

Instructors and students from all over the state of Mississippi have come together to perform and discuss the art of playing classical guitar.

It's the Mississippi Guitar Festival at Belhaven University.

We found 21 year old Skyler Bready of Puckett out in front of the concert hall, picking his guitar in the rain. We asked him why he chose classical guitar over the more familiar folk, or country guitar.

"Classical is what they will send you to college for," said Bready. "They do not send you to college for folk guitar, that's for sure."

There are about 30 guitarists in Jackson from all over Mississippi and some from other states, playing in concert and improving their skills.

Mitch Brantley, an instructor at Meridian Community College, explained the attraction of the guitar.

"We really live for the guitar," Brantley said. "We live for music. It's an art form. One of the greatest art forms."

Amy Houghton, who is originally from Montros, Colorado, is the director of the festival. She has been in Mississippi 10 years.

"It's wonderful to have a festival in Mississippi," said Houghton. "It's wonderful for all of the guitarists around to be able to come and join together with each other, and compete, and also bringing people from across the state."

Lindsey Lewis from Dallas talked about her love of the guitar.

"You can play, you can show your anger, you can show love, and you can show happiness," she said.

The event culminated with a concert Friday night.

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