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Shed customers saddened by BBQ joint going up in flames


What will customers do now that The Shed BBQ and Blues Joint in Jackson County is gone?  Many barbecue lovers pondered that question Sunday as they looked at the charred remains of their favorite eating establishment.

The Shed burned to the ground early Sunday morning.  Fontainebleau firefighters said the building was a total loss.

It's a scene of destruction owner Brad Orrison never thought he would live to see.  He was there when flames ripped through his restaurant.  "It was like 30 foot flames," Orrison said. 

The Shed earned national acclaim because of its barbecue sauce.  The Highway 57 location was the first restaurant the Orrisons opened.  Orrison said his family spent 10 years collecting artifacts to decorate the Highway 57 venue.  But in an instant, it all turned to rubble.

"There are so many things inside The Shed that were nostalgic pieces that people left there and trusted me to keep them there," Orrison said, "so if it wasn't for this taking them away, I would still have it." 

While a heartbroken Orrison sifted through the soot hoping to salvage anything, firefighters walked though the debris field, occasionally spraying water on hot spots.  They also searched for clues to figure out what happened. 

"We trying to figure it out," Orrison said. "There has been a lot of people that have just come out and looked because when you hear The Shed burned down, it is like what."

The customers, many fed by the Shed regularly kept showing up Sunday to see the damage. They were snapping pictures and others just hugged and stared in shock. 

"It is pretty sad, depressing," Leslie Dubose said. 

Folks like Leslie Dubose said The Shed was not only a place to fellowship and have fun, but the barbecue was amazing. 

"It was the best barbecue in the south for sure, in America. I love this place, and it is just so sad to see it," Dubose said. 

"It is going to hurt a lot of people because they depend on the Shed," a customer said.

 But out of these ruins, Orrison said he will rebuild.  "The Shed will be back. It is not going to be bigger, and I am not saying it is going to be better, because we feel  it was perfect. We are going to try to do the same exact thing," Orrison said.

What sparked this fire is still a mystery.  Fire investigators will return to The Shed Monday morning to continue looking for clues.

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