McDonald's Downsizes Its Supersize

As Bobbie Swartz works the McDonald's drive-thru, she asks the same question dozens of times each day, "Did you want that Supersized?" By the end of the year, supersize will be out the window.

"We want to give faster service. We want to have less products so we can serve faster and also we want to cut down on the image of the supersize fry being an overweight item," Manager Tom Butler says.

Butler says medium fries outsell their bigger counterparts. But as customers heard the news that supersize is on the way out, Butler says they wanted to get their fix.

"I've heard it mentioned several times this morning from customers... they've ordered a lot more of them today."

Some customers say they can live without the big fries because they're already packing on a few too many pounds. The decision by McDonald's to slim down its menu comes at the same time the American Cancer Society and Weight Watchers are teaming up to encourage Americans to lighten up.

Weight Watchers says restaurants' food servings are too much.

"The most abused health habit in America is portion control. So we really do appreciate that McDonald's is moving into that area with us," Michele Walton of Weight Watchers says.

"According to the American Cancer Society, one third of all cancer deaths can be prevented by the weight going down, eating healthier and maintaining a good healthy weight."

McDonald's says it hopes to promote that too by shelving its super size fries. The fast food chain also offers salad and yogurt among its menu choices.