Mississippi Primary Is Next Week

Democratic poll workers crammed into election commission headquarters. It was their election day refresher course.

The 264 men and women running next Tuesday's democratic primary in Harrison County understood this. Turnout numbers at the power point presentation could be higher than the turnout expected at some precincts.

Leona Mashburn is one of the poll workers.

"I am thinking there might not be many people there," she said.

Yet democratic executive committee chairman Gene Verrett remained optimistic about next week's vote.

"I made sure I ordered enough ballots for any contingency," he said. "We won't run out of ballots. I expect a pretty good turnout."

In earlier primaries, the democrats running for president bought advertising time in newspapers and on TV. Yet with a week to go until Mississippi's primary, the two leading democrats still haven't scheduled an ad to run on WLOX. And neither man has campaigned in this state.

Veteran poll worker Chris Moore said that doesn't help get out the vote.

"I don't know if you call it apathy or just lack of interest or what it is," he said, "but people don't seem to take the primaries seriously."

If that's the case, next Tuesday could be a long day for Mississippi poll workers.

Wednesday at two, Harrison County republicans hold their own precinct managers refresher course. Next week, republicans will choose a candidate to run against congressman Gene Taylor.