Paralyzed Dog Finds New Home

Broken, but not defeated. That's the way workers at the Humane Society of South Mississippi describe a special dog who's come under their care. Lilly is a lot like other canines, except for one small detail. This English bulldog has her own set of wheels.

"They call it a wheelchair. It obviously has the two back wheels to replace the back legs she no longer has the use of," Humane Society of South Mississippi Executive Director Pat Bushman said.

The Humane Society took Lilly in a few months ago, after she'd been hit by a car. The accident left the pooch paralyzed from the waist down. Lilly's body may be broken, but she lifts up the spirits of those around her.

"What makes her different in the hearts of the staff is that it's a dog that they're able to do something for. There are so many times that they can't do anything. We're euthanizing three out of four animals."

Lilly was spared and is being adopted by the folks at Twin Oaks Retirement Home in Pass Christian.

"It was a marriage made in heaven. They fell in love with her immediately. They have around-the-clock staff, so it felt like the ideal place. We're going to be making that transfer in the next few days."

Lilly may be leaving the shelter soon, but she's left her mark on the hearts of these workers.

"We've all fallen in love. And we've all learned that despite your difficulties, you just keep going."