Supreme Court Candidates Defend Attack Ads

Oliver Diaz was appointed to the State Supreme Court post in March of this year, when Justice Mike Sullivan passed away. That term expires at the end of the year, and Diaz, Billy Joe Landrum, and Keith Starrett are all trying to win the seat. It's the agressive attack style approach in some of the ads that's raising eyebrows, and not the issues themselves.

"They're are a lot of negative and agreesive commercials being run attacking me," Starrett says. "In fact, I saw one just a second ago, Justice Diaz has pointed his finger at me and said that I'm running these negative commercials and that's just not true."

Diaz disagrees with that statement. He says his campaign has focused on positive issues.

"My campaigns focus on my family, my qualifications and experience," Diaz says. "That's what it's going to stay on. That's what I want to keep this race on. I felt like I had to respond to some of the ads that were being run against me."

Landrum says all three candidates should try and rise above the negative campaigning.

"We're all judges, and we should uphold the integrity of this bench we sit on regardless of where it's on the Circuit bench at this time or on the Supreme Court," Landrum says.

With just 4 days until the election, the candidates say they hope voters will focus on the qualifications of each man and not the ads.

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