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Pass Christian Family Knows Yazoo County's Pain

The disappearance of the Hargon family is serving as a painful reminder for one South Mississippi family who have spent nearly the past six years searching for a loved one. Family members say 29-year-old Robin Smith disappeared back in September of 1998. Her family says she called from work to say she was going to the store then heading home but they say she never made it.

Gulfport police calling the circumstances surrounding Robin's disappearance "unusual."

Tucked inside a family photo album are both the wonderful memories of Robin Smith's life and the painful questions about her disappearance?

" We hope you're safe wherever you are but if not our prayers are continually with you. We just hope that some day, we can bring you home" said Robin's sister in law, Angela.

Unlike the flyers and newspaper articles the family had kept over the years, hope has been hard to hold on to. Now they just want the truth.

"It would be a closure and we wouldn't wonder anymore. It would be answers that even if she's alive or dead it still be an ending, a closure." said Robin's sister Mary Graves."We need that" she added.

Another sister Alma Holloway added "I feel in my heart that she did not walk away. She's a mother and she would not leave her children."

The Smiths say similar cases like that of the missing Yazoo County family bring an added mixture of sadness and anger.

"Every situation is serious enough to get the FBI on it the way I look at it," said Graves. "I question it because why didn't they do all that for us."

There are no words that can express the agony felt by Thelma Smith as she thinks of her missing child.

"It just hurts so bad. I just sit here sometimes at night and cry."

Robin Smith's car was discovered abandoned about a month after her disappearance. Gulfport Police chief Steve Barnes says the investigation is still ongoing but he adds no new leads have surfaced.

by Danielle Thomas

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