Lumpia by Jorge Pecua


by Jorge Pecua



1/2 c. minced onions

1/2 c. minced celery

1/2 c. minced baby carrots

1/2 c. minced raw shrimp

1/2 lb. ground beef

2 whole eggs

1/2 T. pepper

1/2 T. garlic

2 pkgs. Lumpia (Egg Roll) Wrappers


Keep lumpia wrappers covered with a lightly damp towel to prevent drying. Mix all ingredients well using only 1 egg. Whip other egg until well mixed this egg is used for brushing wrappers to seal. Lay 1 wrapper flat on work surface, and place 1 T. of meat/vegetable mixture onto wrapper arranging mix in a straight line across the wrapper. As you roll the Lumpia tightly, brush the wrapper with the whipped egg, to prevent opening or loosening. Freeze overnight, fry from frozen state.