Gas prices infuriating small business owner

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - You've probably noticed gasoline prices are on the rise again.

One local small business owner shared his frustration with  David Vickers said not only does he have to pay more at the pumps, he also loses revenue every time gas prices go up.  With pump in hand, Vickers said, "It makes me mad, it makes me upset."

Vickers is furious he has to spend close to $100 every time he fills up his F-150 pickup truck. He said, "It's crazy, we shouldn't be paying for these prices over here in the United States.  We have more oil here in the United States than we could ever deplete.  I read about it, I hear about it you know paying $3.50, $3.49 a gallon, it's crazy!"

His fantasy solution? Slash the prices!

"If you would drop fuel prices down to a buck fifty, they're still going to make money off of it. BP, Exxon, they've had record breaking years last year, 50, 60 billion dollars in profits and we're paying for it, right here," Vickers said.

According to Patrick DeHaan, a senior petroleum analyst for, "Gasoline prices tend to start moving significantly higher toward the end of February and into mid-March, so motorists should be preparing for higher prices."

That news doesn't help south Mississippi businessmen like Vickers.  The restaurant owner thinks rising gas prices should make every American mad, because as always it boils down to world politics.

"Why is our President of the United States stop a pipeline from Canada to Louisiana and Texas which will help alleviate our dependency on foreign oil, and now the only thing that's going to happen is that oil is going to go to China, where it could have come to us at a cheaper price," Vickers wondered.

As a restaurant owner, Vickers says he gets a double whammy, at the pump and at the cash register.  He actually watches his daily profits fall when prices at the pumps rise.

"And it's crazy, what are you going to do, take your kids to school and have the money to do that, or go out and spend 60 bucks on dinner twice a week. It certainly, certainly, certainly does make a big difference without a doubt!".

According to the AAA website, the average price for a gallon of regular unleaded gas in Mississippi is $3.40.  A month ago, it was just $3.24.  And last February, a gallon of gas in this state cost $2.96.

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