Passion Of The Christ Opens Nationwide

It is the movie everybody is talking about. The Passion of the Christ opened in theaters all around the country Wednesday.

Words like moving, emotional, and controversial have been used to describe this film. Those leaving the Biloxi Ten theater Wednesday afternoon, after the first showing, echoed those sentiments. All described it as a moving experience. One person even said the fact the dialogue is subtitled, adds to the reality of the film.

Produced and directed by Mel Gibson, the film retells the last 12 hours of the life of Jesus. All who have seen it agree, it is violent, some have said it's too violent.

Yvette Perrin of Biloxi is a youth pastor at her church. She disagrees with those who say there is too much graphic violence.

"Some of the things out there now, are to me more violent than what I saw today," she said.

The first showing of the day was not a sellout at this theater, but those who were there were enthralled. Several admitted to crying during the film.

An Ocean Springs pastor, said it's true that this is a life changing movie.

"I have never seen anything like it," said Pastor Carlton McCarter of Ocean Springs, "this is a movie everyone needs to see, be they Christian or not."

The Passion of the Christ, can be seen at several coast theaters.