Coast Christians Renew Faith On Ash Wednesday

Every Ash Wednesday, you will find the Lucas family at the Church of the Redeemer in Biloxi. This is the time they join fellow Christians in searching their souls and their hearts.

"I would say to make us better Christians, to make us humble and get ready for Lent. It teaches us that Lent is a sacrifice in a way, but it's to make us for the better," Dorothy Lucas said.

"We talk about reconciliation, coming back to God today, now, and then using the period of Lent to rediscover what it means to walk with God, to experience God's spirit in your life," Rev. Harold Roberts said.

Many Christians will spend the next 40 days praying, fasting and repenting. The spiritual journey begins with the ashes.

"We sign people on the forehead with the sign of the cross to remind them of their mortality. As I make the sign of the Cross, I say remember you are dust and to dust you shall return," Rev. Roberts said.

"I think that's what goes through me, how really I'm ashes, from dust and I'm going back to dust," Dorothy Lucas said.

"I think of myself as being there with Christ, with all of the martyrs and all of the other Christians through the ages," John Byrd of Biloxi said.

For Christians, the sign reminds them where they came from and the sacrifices they must make during the holy Lenten season to prepare for the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Just so you know, the ashes come from burned palm branches from last year's Palm Sunday service.