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WLOX Editorial: Preschoolers set example

Reading can expand your horizons and take you to places you might not have ever imagined. Opening a child's eyes to this at an early age is so important. Here's what we want to hear from our children."Because it's fun. It's fun," said Addison Foster.

Yes it is fun to read. And that four year old's sentiment is one that the rest of her class at First United Methodist Church Preschool in Pascagoula embraces. The children have read more than one thousand books in just a few months.

And as a reward the Bacot McCarty Foundation gave them a basket of books. Books that they clasped to their chests in pure joy. But the best gift of all according to studies, is that these children because they read and are read to by adults, will excel when they get to kindergarten.

Their teacher, Lori Warren, summed it up this way, "I'd really like everyone to realize that what you can give your child, the best thing, is words."

What this preschool class did, needs to be done with youngsters across the coast. The younger we can expose children to the joys of reading, the more likely they will succeed in school and also in life.

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David Vincent
WLOX-TV General Manager

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