Gulfport's Smallest Revelers Enjoy Gemini

Rain put a rush on the Gulfport night parade, but those who came out were more interested in getting soaked with beads and doubloons. The Krewe of Gemini rolled about 20 minutes ahead of schedule, because of weather concerns. But weather was the last concern on the minds of the parade's littlest revelers.

When you're part of a sea of waving arms hoping to catch beads and other threats, size matters. To get his share of Gemini's beads and candy, Kallan Lierl came up with an innovative way to extend his reach.

"I got a little butterfly net. I raise it up to the floats and then they'll probably put it in there," Lierl said.

Other children along the downtown parade route had something better than ingenuity; they had connections.

"My sister is riding in a float and we know some people on the floats," Kayia Gay said.

While making her Mardi Gras debut, one year old Jaquira may not have understood exactly what all the fuss was about, but seemed to enjoy the festivities. Jaquira's family doesn't worry about her being too young to enjoy carnival.

"No, no she's with her grandma. Her grandma loves to have fun. Yeah. Party girl," Annette Wilson said.

These kids prove it's never too early to learn how to party.

The King and Queen of this year's Gemini parade were Patti Ferguson and Bill Hardsty.