Wayward RV Finds Its Way Into Neptune's Parade

The Krewe of Neptune is known for its fantastic floats and big beads. The colorful floats are built in New Orleans and driven to Biloxi each year.

Riding down Main Street, Krewe of Neptune charter member Robert "Bones" Barq premiers a popular throw. He tosses collectible Barq's Root Beer blankets.

"Twenty two years. I've been having fun. If I was on my death bed I'd get up off it for Mardi Gras. It's the best party in town," Barq said.

Attendance at this year's party was down somewhat, thanks to the threatening weather. But those who braved the threat thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Like the group of 46 seniors we spotted near the town green. They're part of an elder hostel.

"Fantastic. A great time acting silly. It's a silly group, but it's fun" one senior said.

One confused driver got to experience the parade from a different vantage point. Police tell us the driver of an RV simply made a wrong turn and found himself in the middle of the parade.

Parade royalty this year includes Miss Francis Courtenay Hamilton as Queen Venus the 23rd and Alvin Austin LeDuke as King Neptune the 23rd.