Slippery roads blamed for two accidents near Harrison Central High

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - A slippery Highway 49 is being blamed for two Wednesday morning accidents at the turn into Harrison Central High School, officials said. In all, eight vehicles were involved in the wrecks and three people went to the hospital.

According to Harrison Central Principal Dr. Tori Holloway, the first accident happened when the driver of one car tried to maneuver into the left turn lane, hit the brakes and collided with another car. The collision caused a chain reaction causing a four car pileup. Two teachers and one student went to the hospital to be checked, but none were admitted. Holloway said the teachers reported to class later in the day.

As school officials and police were working the accident, a second four vehicle pileup occurred.  Each of those cars was driven by a student. No one was hurt in that wreck. The principal said the cars has some minor dents and paint scratches.

Holloway said it was not raining at the time of the accidents, but the road was wet from earlier rainfall.

Accidents heading to and from the high school just off busy Highway 49 are nothing unusual.  The principal says there have been five or six others this school year.

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