Lundi Gras Rain Soaks Early Arrivals

Johnny Lang's boys tried to put on a brave face. But as they stared out their RV window, they could see their pre Mardi Gras fun being washed out. Dad didn't share their gloom. "No, we're away from the house," Lang said as rain fell on his head. "That's all that counts."

As Lang said that, another RV rolled through the Biloxi lighthouse parking lot. Jim Howard drove that RV.  The Canada native parked two spaces away from the Langs.

Because it was raining, a card game kept Jim and his wife entertained on Lundi Gras. When the parades roll on Mardi Gras, they'll be outside -- rain or shine. "It's terrible," Howard said, referring to the rain falling on the parade route. "It's too bad for everybody that's going to be on the floats."

The floats will roll right past Biloxi's reviewing stand. That's where crews set up chairs, just in case the city's invited guests wanted to sit through a shower. As Patrick McGee lifted a soaking wet folding chair off a trailer and placed it on the reviewing stand, he smiled. "You've got to love Mardi Gras," he said.

The rain didn't dampen anybody's enthusiasm. "No, no no," Jim Howard said. "We've been wet before, and we're going to be wet again." Just how wet parade lovers get depends on Mother Nature.