WLOX Editorial: So far, so good Governor Bryant

So far, so good. That's how we sum up the first weeks in office for newly elected Governor Phil Bryant. When he won the state's top job last November, there were some doubters who thought Bryant would be nothing more than an extension of outgoing governor Haley Barbour. Bryant has proven those doubters wrong.

First, Governor Bryant avoided political posturing and turned over former governor Barbour's pardon records to Democratic Attorney General Jim Hood for an on-going investigation. Bryant came out strongly against the pardons, and vowed to never let convicted criminals serve as trusties in the governor's mansion again.

Then the new governor cut the operating expenses of his office by 10%, including reducing the salaries of top assistants.

Bryant has shown an effort to include Democrats in the political process, leading to a spirit of bi-partisanship at least to this point.

Earlier this week, Governor Bryant again broke with tradition, delivering his State of the State address outside on the steps of the capitol for all to see and hear, not just elected officials. That has never been done before.

Governor Bryant has shown he is his own man, and not a Barbour clone. Keep it up, Governor Bryant. That's all we can ask.

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David Vincent
WLOX-TV General Manager

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