Jackson Co. residents put up reward money to catch arsonists

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Taxpayers in Jackson County are offering thousands in reward money to find out who torched a county owned truck. Police said the truck was stolen from Supervisor John McKay's home in the wee hours of the morning last week. Community members hope the money will help police get answers.

Taxpayers bought a 2005 Dodge truck that now sits in ruins, stolen from Supervisor John McKay's driveway last week and set on fire.

"I never had anything stolen from me so that is why it shocked me. I don't think there are no solid leads yet," McKay said.

No leads and the growing number of crimes in the area have many in Jackson county fed up.

"I wasn't surprised. I am frustrated because he is not the first person to have his car stolen and burned up for that matter," McKay's neighbor Dominic Barberi said.

"I think it is just indication of how irresponsible some people can be," Ocean Springs Alderman Chick Cody said.

To solve this crime, several members of the community are donating $2,000 in reward money to help find whoever torched the truck. Ocean Springs Police Lt. John Flowers said that could help.

"Often it takes community involvement in solving crimes."

The community members who put up the reward money to find the person or persons responsible for doing so much damage said they want to stay anonymous. But they did tell McKay he reason they are giving money is to get the bad guy off the streets sooner than later.

"We have had several calls and we appreciate that," Flowers said.

Police said while they still don't know the motive, they've been following up on several leads and also talking to neighbors.

"We are waiting on some test from the Mississippi Crime Lab, Flowers said. "We think someone had seen something due to the extent of damages done to the vehicle."

Police are optimistic the reward and good police work will lead to an arrest. If you have any information that might help solve this case, call Ocean Springs Police or Crime Stoppers.

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