Homeowner and friend catch burglars in the act

WOOLMARKET, MS (WLOX) - Chris Bond stopped by his friend's house Wednesday morning on Jack Graves Road in Woolmarket and noticed the back door was wide open.

Bond said, "I just hollered inside the house to see if anybody was in the house and obviously there was and these two dudes came running around the corner, I slammed the door shut on them."

Bond and one of the teens arrested tugged back and forth on the door for a few seconds until the intruder finally let go and that's when Bond had to think fast.

"I got to my truck, got my gun and called the land owner because I didn't know the address and told him what was going on and for him to call 911," Bond said.

Homeowner Danny Jones works about three miles away so he and his brother hopped in his truck and sped to his house. Jones said, "We saw some guys running down the road and a car parked at the end of the road that looked suspicious."

One of the suspects was actually able to get in the car and drive through a ditch onto Interstate 10, but he did not make it very far, police located the car pulled over the suspect and arrested him.

The other suspect was tackled to the ground by Jones and held until police arrested him.

Jones said, "I would have tackled anyone no matter if they had a gun or not. I was furious and I'm sick of it and I would do it for me and I would do it for my neighbors."

Bond said, "This is my best friend's house and I've had stuff stolen from my house and people in Woolmarket are tired of people stealing stuff while we are at work. I finally caught one of them red handed and by God I wasn't going to let him get away with it."

The Biloxi Police investigator working the case recommends that everyone go around their house and take pictures of expensive items, such as jewelry, televisions and computers, and also take pictures of the serial numbers. That way if your items are taken police are able to prove they are yours and return them.

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