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Discover the Joy of Birding

Bluebirds, blackbirds, red birds and yellow birds are not the only ways of describing our feathered friends. You can learn how to identify and enjoy them through the "Discover the Joy of Birding" program sponsored by the Pascagoula River Audubon Center and Mississippi Coast Audubon Society.

For beginning bird watchers, it all starts with birding basics through our "Novice Bird Watching" classes scheduled to begin on January 28th. This six-session class is designed first and foremost to be as convenient as possible to attend and enjoy. The Saturday schedule of classes includes a "repeat" option for each session. Classes cover the basics of the proper use of binoculars, bird field guides, and key identifying characteristics of birds, and of course, watching birds!

It all starts with the common backyard birds that we all know and love and continues into the spring migration. Participants will be encouraged to help with the upcoming Great Backyard Bird Count in February and the Pascagoula River Biodiversity Inventory in April.

So, what are you waiting for? Join the staff of the Center and some of the best "birders" in Mississippi and learn just how easy it is to go beyond "fumbling" through your bird guide. Classes are open to adults and children. For children, adult supervision is required: age 10 and older preferable. First sessions will be held at the Center with later sessions at local sites.

Cost – $25: includes bird identification field guide.

Individuals MUST register for class date(s), Class A or Class B, as participation for any given session is limited to 25 (exceptions for schedule conflicts) This is too "spread" out participates for sessions as physical space is limited and field trip learning opportunities are more effective with smaller groups. If a participate has a conflict, they can attend another session to "make up" that class, but they should try to adhere to the schedule. To register, call the Pascagoula River Audubon Center at 228-475-0825 or email Mozart Dedeaux at

Saturday class schedule: 10:30 a.m.–12:00 noon – Immediately following the scheduled Biodiversity Lecture of the day (consider attending both)

Session Schedule:

1. Introduction to Birding

(January 28th (A) / February 4th(B)) – Session covers proper use of binoculars and bird field guides, and introduction to key identifying characteristics of birds.

2. Backyard & Winter Birds

(February 11th(A) / February 18th(B)) – Focus on common backyard birds and over wintering visitors from the north.

3. River and Marsh Birds

(February 25th(A) / March 3th(B)) – "Birds of the river and marsh"

4. Shorebirds

(March 10th(A) / March 17th(B)) – "Shorebirds on our beaches"

5. Early Spring Arrivals

(March 24th(A) / March 31st(B)) " Early spring migrants"

6. Migration

(April 14th(A) / April 21th(B)) "Migration in full swing" Participate in the Pascagoula River Biodiversity Inventory "Bioquest" event, Location TBA

To register, call the Pascagoula River Audubon Center at 228-475-0825 or email Mozart Dedeaux at

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