Skydivers Drop Into Moss Point

As the skydivers board their plane, they really only have one thing in mind, and no, it's not fear.

"It's about having a great time with great people and a great adrenaline rush and the thrill that comes from jumping out of a plane from 14,000 feet," Phyllis Kyle, a skydiver said.

Phyllis Kyle has been skydiving for three years and took her first jump in Moss Point. She says she keeps coming back to the annual Mardi Gras Boogie because of the atmosphere.

"The people that you meet are people that I never would have met in my regular finance world," Kyle said. "It's just from all walks of life enjoying the same passion, and it's great."

Mike Igo is the owner of Gold Coast Skydiving. He's made this event grow over the years.

"It started out with 25 people registering eleven years ago, and now we're going to have about 700 registering this time," Igo said.

That means 700 people will be taking the plunge this weekend, but the owner of Gold Coast Skydiving says they aren't just bringing thrills to the area.

They're bringing a lot of money here as well. "This event has become the third largest skydiving event in the world," Igo said. The event has gained in popularity every year.

"It's the first year we've had it for nine days, and we look to bring in about a million dollars here to the local community" Igo said.

It's money that Phyllis Kyle says she is is glad to give.

"When you're at 14,000 feet... to see all the way around is absolutely beautiful. So you get to fly like a bird for a good sixty seconds," Kyle said.

The Mardi Gras Boogie is bringing in people from 38 states and four foreign countries this year. It is also attracting celebrities like John Raymond who was on Survivor Thailand and Darra Johnson who was on Survivor Pearl Island.

If you want to go to the event to watch, it is free to the public, and will be going on all week at the Trent Lott International Airport in Moss Point.