Krewe Of Gemini Rolls In Gulfport

Hundreds of people lined the streets of downtown Gulfport for the 35th annual Krewe of Gemini parade.

This year's theme - "Gathering At The Globe", and it seemed like there were more adults in the crowd looking to "gather" around some good ole carnival fun.

"Just wanted to see the parade because we don't have this in Chicago. So, this is our second one.I just love the bands, I love the beads, I just love the people," said Janet Smith.

And there was certainly plenty to see.

We found quite a few grown-ups who came from near and far.

Some of them enlisted the help of children to get beads for themselves, while others tried their luck raising their own hands in the air.

"They sure haven't thrown them very much. They can't reach us," said Missouri residents Rita Eatherton and Marge Groom.

But no matter what category they fell under, these parade goers believe you don't have to bring your kids or be a kid to have fun during the carnival season.

"Well, it's just a spectator deal. Just watching people and everybody down here is just so friendly you know. Beautiful people. Would you fight over beads? Just if she made me. If she throws me out there I guess I gotta go," said Missouri resident Dan Eddington.

So as you can see, Mardi Gras isn't just for those under 25.

There were 75 units in the Krewe of Gemini parade.

This year's king was Bill Hardesty and the queen was Pattie Ferguson.

Our very own Rhonda Weidner served as this year's parade grand marshall.