Travelers Still Try To Bring Prohibited Items On Flights

Box cutters. Switch blades. WD-40. Mace.

These are items you may have at home, at work, or even in your car. But there is one place they are not allowed - on a flight.

"Nothing like this can go. Anything can be used as a weapon, anything that's pointed cannot go Hazmat materials like you see there. WD-40 and mainly lighter fluids and things like that.Since 9/11, we keep thinking this ought to slow down, that people ought to realize do I have a knife with me, do I have a pair of scissors. I cannot take them through. We put signs up. There's a nice prohibited sign that's down at the bottom of the escalator. So the signs are there, but it's still going through," said Transportation Security Administration federal security director Patrick Baroco.

Many passengers may forget they have some of these items.

However, if these items were in a checked bag instead of a carry-on, things would be a lot smoother and faster.

"Most of the items are ones that the image of the item is seen in the X-ray, which means we have to call for a bag search where another screener has to stop what they're doing, go through the bag, find the item of concern that was on the X-ray. Take it out, and then we have to re-Xray that bag to be sure they did get what was of concern," said Baroco.

The Transportation Security Administration will start fining passengers for bringing what they call "serious" items on board.

Just something that will make people stop and think while they pack.