WLOX Editorial: More troopers will make roads safer

Over the last several years, drivers on Interstate 10 and Highway 49 would be hard pressed to spot a Mississippi Highway Patrol car. That is about to change. Twenty new troopers have been assigned to Troop K which covers South Mississippi.

We all should welcome the added Highway Patrol officers on the roads and here's why: Almost everyone driving the 70 mile per hour speed limit has watched cars and trucks zip by going 75, 80, even 90 miles per hour. Accidents at those speeds often have deadly consequences.

We know most folks push the speed limit from time to time and no one wants to be stopped for speeding, but shouldn't safety be more important than arriving somewhere a couple of minutes earlier.

Having more officers patrolling our highways just might encourage drivers to slow down, drive the speed limit and obey the laws. With more and more traffic on our highways each year, additional state troopers on the roads will help keep all of us safer.

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David Vincent
WLOX-TV General Manager

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