Lizana Elementary principal glad to have stolen electronics back

LIZANA, MS (WLOX) - It's a sad story with a happy ending. On Thursday morning the staff at Lizana Elementary discovered thieves ransacked half a dozen classrooms before making off with thousands of dollars worth of electronics. Thanks to some great detective work the equipment wasn't missing for long.

John Pitts, 19, and Nathanial Goldsmith, 21, both of Saucier were arrested less than 48 hours after the school break-in was discovered. The principal said the way the crime was carried out doesn't make sense.  Burglars turned six classrooms up side down.

"There was no rhyme or reason to it. It was all like they would take something and then damage a computer screen," said Patsy Brewer, principal. "They would knock stuff off and it messed up the room you know.  There was some candies all across one floor. What thieves hadn't destroyed. They'd taken. Thousands of dollars worth of electronics was missing. "

"It makes you wonder what is going through somebody's mind who comes into a school and would do that when it's for children," Brewer said. "That bothers me."

Around noon on Friday, Harrison County deputies arrived with a special delivery. Deputies said all of the items reported stolen including televisions, computers, speakers, projectors and more were found the at home of one of the two people charged with burglarizing the school.

Investigator Chad Sablich said, "We actually were able to obtain some surveillance and from the surveillance we did some enhancements. At which time we were able to have some identifiable subjects."

"Our patrol units yesterday evening did an excellent job on following up on the burglary and that's actually what led to getting a good address and suspect information," said Sablich.

The school principal was surprised to get back some items she says most people wouldn't bother to steal like pairs of scissors and even a bag of candy. She said she's grateful to deputies for their quick work in making sure someone is held responsible.

Brewer said she was "extremely happy. It's always nice to know that it does not pay. Crime does not pay."

Nathanial Goldsmith and John Pitts are both being held at the Harrison County jail under a $50,000 bond. The teachers and staff were excited about getting their property back except for the candy which went straight to the garbage.