Winning Couple Shares Secrets

Would you believe that you could win thousands of dollars in prizes with no strings attached? A retired Ocean Springs couple wins big all the time and they were nice enough to share their winning tips with us to pass on to you.

Ron Starnes is a well oiled mailing machine. He has sent thousands of letters and postcards that, so far, have really paid off. While in Las Vegas, he entered a sweepstakes and hours later won his wife Shirley a new mink coat.

"He called me on the phone at about three o'clock in the morning and he said 'Shirley, I won a mink jacket,'" Shirley Starnes says.

The Starnes' say every time the UPS man rings the bell, it feels like Christmas. They've won thousands of dollars worth of free stuff.

"Restaurants, vacations, we've won all types of sports equipment, various types of furniture," Ron Starnes says.

In December, they won a 2003 Ford Thunderbird in the "Butterball Turkey All American Sweepstakes." He says someone has to win, so why not him?

"With people giving away products and prizes to advertise their particular product, it's out there and it can be a lot of fun!"

The Starnes' say sweepstakes giveaways are everywhere, you just have to look for them.

"You can get them in the newspaper, on television. They're always out there, so you get plenty of opportunities." The "Deni and Les Sweepstakes Profiles" is their favorite sweepstake resource.

For 80 dollars a year, you get a list of sweepstake contests each week. If you're interested, here's the address to order:

The Deni and Les Sweepstakes Profiles
P.O. Box 308
Buckner, KY 40010

Good Luck!