WLOX Editorial: An athlete to inspire all

From time to time you come across an individual who makes you realize how much can be accomplished with hard work and determination.  Meet Malcolm Reid who stands at 4 feet, 9  inches and is a starting point guard and co-captain for the state champions, St Stanislaus Rockachaws.

The son of former NBA player Billy Reid was born bow-legged and with hips out of alignment. Doctors said the boy would never be able to walk; a low point for his dad who says he just put his faith in God and his son.   Malcolm Reid proved the doctors wrong.  Actually, he's lived his whole life proving people wrong and inspiring  most everyone he meets.

His coach calls Malcolm a "diamond in the rough," a quick ball handler, who plays a lot bigger than his size.

He may be one of the shortest players on the basketball court but he towers above most in drive, determination and dedication. Malcolm Reid should be an inspiration to all of us.

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David Vincent
WLOX-TV General Manager

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