Moss Point's fireman's drug arrest outrages citizens and city leaders

Ira Timmy Moore. Image source: Jackson County Sheriff's Department.
Ira Timmy Moore. Image source: Jackson County Sheriff's Department.

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - Moss Point's mayor and Board ofAlderman are expected to go into executive session Tuesday night to decide the future of firefighter Timmy Moore. This afternoon, Moore and his girlfriend Jamie Potts faced a judge for the first time after being arrested on charges of cooking meth at Moore's Vancleave home. Moore has also been suspended by the fire department.

Instead of fighting fires in Moss Point, Fireman Ira Timmy Moore must now fight for his innocence in a court room. Moore said he wasn't cooking meth in his Vanlceave home Saturday night.

Jackson County Sheriff Mike Byrd has a different story.

"You could smell the remnants of a meth lab and that is what led us to the house," Byrd said.

Byrd said deputies went to Moore's home looking for one of his friends. The friend wasn't there, but Moore and his girlfriend Jamie Potts were arrested.

When Moore walked out of court he said he couldn't explain the arrest. Now news of the meth bust has left many people in Moss Point shaking their heads.

"Yes, I am kind of disappointed to see that it is was a fireman because people are getting burned up this time a year. Fires going down ya know and you can't be high," A Moss Point Resident said.

"He is supposed to be protecting and serving and he is doing what the drug dealers do," Moss Point Resident said.

According to Moss Point Fire Chief Mike Dale, Moss Point doesn't do random drug testing on its employees, only on suspicion. He said he would have never linked Moore to drugs.

"He had been to the academy, and he had recently returned from the academy for the aircraft firefights," Dale said.

Dale called the meth bust unfortunate, but wants folks in Moss Point to know he has zero tolerance for drugs in his department.

"Police departments and the fire departments are always held to a higher standard, and we cannot tolerate any misbehavior on the part of any of our fireman," Dale said.

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