Enraged niece speaks out over Barbour's pardons

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - Nancy Powell said she watched her entire family get destroyed by Michael David Graham.

And now former Governor Barbour has opened her wounds yet again by pardoning Graham and granting some form of clemency to about 200 other convicted criminals.

She said that Graham, who is the convicted of killing her aunt, Adrian Klasky is free now and she can't get answers from anyone about what happens next.

Powell said her fear, anger and commitment to her Aunt's memory is growing.

"I promised my grandfather and I promised my mother on their death beds that I would do everything I could to make sure that he stayed in prison," Powell said.

But the man who murdered Klasky in Pascagoula 20 years ago has been out of prison since 2008, when Governor Barbour gave him an indefinite suspension. On his last day in office, the Governor pardoned convicted murderer Michael David Graham.

"Now with this full pardon he is able to carry a gun, he is able to come back to Jackson County to where he could move across the street from where I live," Powell said.

And she said Graham not only stalked and threatened her aunt for three years before shooting her in the face in broad daylight, he also harassed anyone who loved her.

"He would follow everybody around. He would follow my aunt's best friend. He would follow my grandparents. I had been followed at one point in time, it's disgusting and it's horrible and I am enraged," Powell said.

And to make matters worse, she's not sure whether Graham followed the rules when it comes to issuing notice before he was pardoned.

"I am so mad, I am so upset, I am scared," Powell said.

As the last member of her family, Powell said, she can't even get answers from her Attorney General.

"I have contacted the A.G.'s office and left messages, hoping that they would return my phone call that's why I came to you, because I knew you would help me I want to get it out there to make sure he doesn't fall through the cracks," Powell added.

None of her calls have been answered.

According to state constitution, anyone pardoned must give notice in a local publication at least 30 days before their pardon is signed. As of Tuesday night the Attorney General's website stated,

"The majority of these purported pardons did not have sufficient publication and therefore we will introduce our evidence in Hinds County Circuit Court on January 23 and ask the court to hold these purported pardons null and void."

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