Recording Artists Lend Talent to Hope Haven CD

HANCOCK COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Some budding entertainers from across the nation have pooled their talents together for a local cause.

Thirteen artists contributed to a compilation CD recently released as a fundraiser for a home for neglected children called Hope Haven in Bay St. Louis.

WLOX NEWS found out that most of the performers involved in the CD project have never even been to the Coast.

The song "Those Words" by David Wright of Mobile is just one of the 14 tracks you'll find on the CD, "Songs For Hope."

Scott Rogers is the master mind behind the CD.

"I'm familiar with the plight of children and the broken homes. And such that they come from these days and it tears at my heart as it does I'm sure to people who have a heart," said Rogers.

Rogers contacted independent recording artists who might be interested in taking part in the project.

"It was ridiculously overwhelming the response that we got from artists across the nation some inquires from France and Germany also wanting to donate tracks to this project. The outcome was actually two many artists to be able to put on one CD and we had to cut it off," Rogers said.

Artists from Maine to Texas are represented on the CD.

"Of the 12 that we have included on the CD, I've only personally met two. We have everything from gospel to Country to Techno," explained Rogers.

Dennis Culpepper of Gulfport is the writer behind that song entitled, "Rescued Me."

"He thought it would be a great song for the kids because Hope Haven is doing a great job in rescuing the children," said Culpepper.

"Human nature wants to help other artists who have the ability to create magic in music and a passion for wanting to help those who can't help themselves. That combination there it was a recipe for success," said Rogers.

If you'd like to purchase a copy of the CD contact Hope Haven Children Services at 228- 466-6396.

Or you can download a copy by click SongsforHope.

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