Local Team Prepares To Go To Trial In Competition

In the Harrison County Circuit Court 2, a criminal trial is in underway -the state versus Morgan Brunetti.

It may look like an old scene from "Law and Order", but these Long Beach High School students are preparing for the Mississippi High School Mock Trial state competition.

"The program is a program of the Mississippi Bar and it's meant to encourage students who participate and possibly consider careers in the field of law, and I think part of it is to show them what it's really like and get the chance to work with some actual attorneys," said coach and attorney Bryan VonderBruegge.

Each member has been working well over six months to thoroughly know the assigned court case, and it's not always easy.

"I play soccer, and I play volleyball, and this by far this is the worst because all these months of preparation and everything we've strived for could be ruined by one sentence that the other team catches and the other team picks up on and then they can just eat you alive," said team member Lizzie Maloy.

But in the end, win or lose, the students say it's all worth it.

"You just learn an amazing amount of the judicial process, and a lot of people who may have never thought of becoming lawyers, now think of becoming lawyers someday," said team member Chris Harem.

In addition to Long Beach High School, the team from Resurrection High School in Pascagoula has also advanced to the state competition.

Again, it will be held in Jackson on February 27 and 28.