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State Attorney General to file injunction on Barbour pardons

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

In a press conference Wednesday, Mississippi Attorney General said some pardons granted by former Governor Haley Barbour might violate the state Constitution.

According to Jim Hood, Barbour may have violated the Constitution by pardoning inmates who failed to give sufficient public notice they were seeking clemency.

Mississippi's constitution says any inmate seeking a pardon must publish notice about his intentions. Before the governor can grant a pardon, the notice must appear 30 days in a newspaper or near the county where the person was convicted.

Hood was going to state court Wednesday afternoon to file an injunction to stop the release of any more criminals pardoned by Barbour.

As one of his final acts in office, Republican Barbour pardoned or gave clemency to more than 200 people Tuesday.

However, Hood's proposed action will not affect those Barbour granted clemency to like Karen Irby. Irby was granted conditional clemency provided that she serve 3 years house arrest and an additional two years under the supervision of MDOC's Community Corrections Division.

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