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Gov. Barbour pardons hundreds before leaving office

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Haley Barbour is now a former governor of Mississippi, but he did not leave without controversy.

In his final days in office, Gov. Barbour either fully pardoned or lightened the sentences of 290 Mississippians' who have been serving time or have criminal records. 

Some of them are familiar faces.

Gov. Barbour gave conditional clemency to Karen Irby.

She is the Jackson socialite who pleaded guilty to two counts of manslaughter in a 2009 crash that killed two young doctors.

Irby admitted in court that she had two glasses of wine and was going faster than the speed limit when she drove her car into oncoming traffic in northeast Jackson.

In May 2010, she was sentenced to 18-years for each manslaughter count.

Gov. Barbour released her on the condition that she serve three years of house arrest and two years after that under Department of Corrections supervision.

There was no pardon for the Jamie and Gladys Scott, who had served nearly 16-years of their life sentences for an armed robbery.

The sisters' attorney Chokwe Lumumba had asked Barbour for a full pardon, but never received a response.

However, 48-year-old Anthony Sansing of Terry received a full pardon for murder.

There was even a celebrity link with Earnest Scott Favre, the brother of NFL great Brett Favre.

His record was cleared in the 1996 death of his best friend, Mark Haverty.

And you may recall the name, Douglas Hindman.

He was snared in WLBT's series of Perverted Justice sex stings.

Hindman was fully and completed pardoned for the crime of cyber stalking.

The governor's action has prompted outrage from relatives of crime victims who rallied with democratic lawmakers Monday to push for change in the governor's pardon powers.

So far, Barbour has refused comment about the pardons.

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