Jackson Co. junkyard owner's murder case heads to grand jury

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - The capital murder case of a Jackson County man will go to a grand jury. Jeffery Grey Allen, 32, is one of two people accused of killing junkyard owner Charles Mason Junior last year. At Monday's preliminary hearing, the lead investigator offered details of how a friendship ended in violence.

Jeffery Allen stared down the crowd as he walked into court. Sheriff's investigator Chad Heck testified at the preliminary hearing that Allen's accused accomplice, Donna Freeman, admitted they killed Mason last March.

"She confessed that she and Jeffery were at Mr. Mason's, and she, in fact, did shoot Mr. Mason, stating that Jeffery Allen made her do it."

Investigator Heck told the court Allen admitted he and Freeman went to Mason's home to borrow cash. And while he didn't pull the trigger, he admitted he had a hand in the murder.

"He stated that he did pick up the rifle and chambered another round," Heck said. "When I asked him why he chambered another round, he stated it was to finish Mr. Mason off, if he was to get up."

Investigators said Freeman and Allen stole $4,000 from the elderly junkyard owner's wallet. They also knew Mason very well, but the relationship had been rocky in the last year.

"Mr. Mason was tired of Jeffery stealing from him. Jeffery use to work for him, and Donna use to live with Charley. In fact, Donna and Charley had a sexual relationship."

Such detailed testimony was enough for Judge T. Larry Wilson to send the case to the Grand Jury, which will decide if there is enough evidence to bring Mason to trial for murder.

"It has been hard on the whole family," the victim's son, Rickey Mason, said.

Rickey Mason was in court. After the hearing he told WLOX he still can't believe his dad was killed over money. He hopes whoever did this gets the maximum sentence.

"And eye for eye is what I believe," Masin said. "You take a life and give a life. My dad's birthday was just a few days ago, and we caught someone stealing in the junkyard on his birthday. My dad hated a thief."

Heck also testified that the rifle that killed Mason was discovered near a bridge close to the victim's home. Both Allen and Freeman are being held at the Jackson County Adult Detention Center.

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