Robin Roberts Drives Pass Christian Bus On GMA

South Mississippi is about to get some more National exposure this week. ABC's "Good Morning America" was in Pass Christian Monday morning, video taping a segment for the show.

The segment will highlight Coast native and "Good Morning America" News Anchor Robin Roberts' first job.

She hasn't been behind the wheel of a school bus in years, but Monday morning she seemed as comfortable as she is behind the news desk at "Good Morning America".

"We're here to talk about my first job. Charlie, Diane, the four of us on our show, we're going back to our respective communities and talking about what we did first, and mine was driving a big old school bus when I was a senior in high school at Pass High," Roberts said.

"You all feel comfortable with me at the wheel," Roberts asked students boarding her bus for the TV segment.

Robin got her bus driving job at the age of 18. She sort of stumbled into the position when the school needed someone to bus its tennis team to matches.

"The goal is to let people know our anchors a little more, where they come from, show that anybody can start anywhere and end up as an anchor," ABC Segment Producer Lili Rosenberg said.

"It taught me responsibility at a very young age. It showed that people believed in me, because that was a big deal for someone that was still in high school," Roberts said.

She says there is no place like home and she's excited to be able to bring a national video crew to town.

"I love the fact that when we do these types of programs on "Good Morning America". I get to showcase my home state. Diane is going to Massachusetts, Charlie is going to New Jersey, Tony is going to Washington D.C. I'm putting Pass Christian on the National map. I get a big kick out of that."

Students who rode Robin's bus for the segment also got a kick out of it.

"I thought it was really cool. She's really nice, she's really sweet, she's real intelligent and I think it's really good she's doing 'Good Morning America', 8th Grade Student Eula Mack said.

The Robin Roberts First Job Segment is scheduled to run this Wednesday on "Good Morning America."

by Al Showers