Wiggins Church Turns 100 Years Old

A South Mississippi Church is showing no signs of slowing down despite turning 100 years old. A special service on Sunday capped off three weeks of celebrations at First United Methodist Church of Wiggins.

A little tent with a handful of believers was how First United Methodist Church's started off in the early 20th century.

The church is made up of several buildings and has so many members that the pastor has to have two Sunday morning worship services.

"It's overwhelming all of the things that have happened and how God has been faithful to this church over the years and the faithfulness that people have had to carry the church ministry on," Rev. Larry White said.

For the anniversary celebration the congregation took time to reflect on the impact the church has had on their lives from the weddings and baptisms and in good times and bad.

I've never known anything else but this," said long time member Earlyne Reynolds Taylor. "My mother and daddy both were members. I was christened as a baby in this church."

Former members who came back in town for the special celebration say their hearts have never left. That's especially true for Robbie Alexander Terrell who now lives in Tennessee.

"I love it here. I come back 2 or 3 times a year and come to church here."

The congregation credits their love for Christ and for each other for binding First United Methodist together these 100 years and they plan to pass on that love to the next generation of church-goers.

First United Methodist of Wiggins continues to grow. The pastor says the church has future plans to expand its sanctuary and Sunday school facilities.