Rain Does Little To Dampen The Mardi Gras Spirit

Despite Mother Natures best attempts, five parades rolled in South Mississippi on Saturday, including the Krewe of Kids in Bay St. Louis.

Mardi Gras is a new experience for 2 and a half year old Roman Cammarota and his mother Angelica. The two are in town from New York visiting family members.

"Hopefully it's going to be a lot of festivity and fun," said Angelica "We're hoping to find some necklaces and beads because he likes to play with those."

The Krewe of Kids has paraded through the streets of Bay St. Louis for more than 27 years. You won't find large elaborately decorated floats in this neighborhood parade, instead you'll see intricately decorated wagons, motorized cars and bicycles.

"I enjoy seeing our young people having things to do like this you know grown people have fun always but, for our little people this is something great for them," said Dunbar Village resident Angelina Norreale.

"All of these kids love this, they really get into it and enjoy it, they smile the whole time," said Bay St. Louis resident Carol Ann Thomas.

"I just love it because it's a joy of giving kids stuff, it's just a cherishing moment," said Bay St. Louis Resident Jessica Jordan.

St. Clare Student Kyle Perronne reigned as king and Coast Episcopal Student Madeline Morgan served as queen. The Superintendent of Bay Waveland Schools Kim Stasny served as the parade Grand Marshall.

As for Roman Cammarota, our Mardi Gras first timer, he didn't leave the parade empty handed. He'll be taking a bag full of beads, toys, and candy to Big Apple.

"He was happy to get all the candy it looks like that's what he's into," said Roman's mother.

The Krewe's Captain says the parade also got a little help from mother nature.

"The weather held up the sun even popped out for a split second and we just did make it back before the drops started falling so everybody that did come out had a great time."

by Al Showers