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Biloxi officer facing disciplinary action


On Thursday, Biloxi's police chief released results of an internal investigation into his officers' response to an incident outside the Hard Rock Casino. That November incident was captured on a cell phone and posted on YouTube, labeled "Police Abuse of Powers."

Chief John Miller said while five officers were involved that night, only one will face some sort of disciplinary action. The investigation looked into police conduct when the officers responded to a disturbance at the casino.

One video showed an officer dropping "F" bombs before he arrested a young man outside the Hard Rock on November 27.

Another cell phone video captured the heated conversation between the two men leading up that arrest. Then, the young man was seen being taken to the ground by two officers, with a third officer assisting.

After an internal investigation, Chief John Miller said his officers did not use excessive force.  However, he said one officer did violate departmental policy.

"There's a policy that we have that basically, just in layman's terms, you can't be rude to folks and you can't cuss people. That's a pet peeve of mine," said Miller. "We came to the conclusion that the officer's conduct was out of order. The arrest that he made was a legal arrest, but it could have been handled differently."

Miller said the unidentified officer had assisted four other officers in making several arrests that night.

"There was a lot of intoxicated people around and I think he probably had all that he could take, and he let it get the better of him. That's not an excuse. That's just reality," said Miller.

The chief said the officer, and possibly supervisors, will face some sort of disciplinary action.

"I'm not ready to tell you what that disciplinary action will be," he said. "We have a scale that we go by. It starts off with a verbal reprimand all the way up to termination, and he'll fall in there somewhere," said Miller.

Even when police come across volatile situations, Miller wants the public to know he expects professional conduct from his officers.

"This isn't a business where you can always handle someone with kid gloves, and I know that it's easy to let your temper get the best of you. Unfortunately, we just can't allow it," said Miller.

Chief Miller would not identify the officer involved or say when he will take action. Meanwhile, that officer remains on administrative leave with pay.

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