Sheriff's shot helps capture "Handsome Guy" Bandit

Steve Ray Milam (Photo source: Richardson Police Dept.)
Steve Ray Milam (Photo source: Richardson Police Dept.)

A Texas man wanted for the attempted capital murder of a police officer and more than a dozen bank robberies was captured Tuesday in Jackson County.

Sheriff Mike Byrd shot out one of the suspect's tires as he headed west on Interstate 10.

Steve Ray Milam, 44, is known as the "Handsome Guy" Bandit. Investigators said Milam sprayed a police car with gun shots during a robbery holdup Saturday in Richardson, Texas. Police say he's robbed more than a half dozen banks near the Dallas area in the last year, wearing a mask each time.

Back in 2005, police say he served a two-year federal prison sentence for robbing two banks in Dallas.

Sheriff Byrd told WLOX News that Milam is currently being treated at Singing River Hospital. The suspect reportedly took a large amount of medication upon being captured. The sheriff said Milam vomited in the patrol car and was immediately taken to the hospital.

Milam's neighbors in Tyler, Texas say he owns Monumental Memorials, a funeral related business.

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