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College students spend holiday break helping Katrina victims


Instead of spending time at home for the holidays, 14 college students from Maryland are working to rebuild homes for storm victims in Jackson County.

The sounds of progress could be heard Monday morning on Kellogg Street in Moss Point. The Maryland students are using their time and talents to repair what Hurricane Katrina damaged.

"It was shocking to me to see that after six years, the house is still not in livable shape," Dunn said.

Steven Dunn has been putting up drywall all day at the home. The college senior said while this isn't the ideal way to spend Christmas break, he loves volunteering. 

"Most of my friends are either getting part time jobs, mostly just hanging out," Dunn said. "It is great to come out here, be outside and work."

College student Jennifer King couldn't agree more. She said she has been rebuilding homes on the coast since the 8th grade.

"Now, I am a freshman year in college and I just absolutely love it," King said.

But King admits she's saddened by the fact that there are still many storm damaged homes that sit untouched.

"What we see here is that because of the damage that was done, and because it wasn't repaired right away after the storm, there is a lot of rotting," said King.

These young volunteers know they can't fix every house, but they believe their hard work and dedication to this project is paying off.  Also, the young group said every time they come to the coast, they learn even more about selfless giving.  

"This is one of my passions I really love. So for me, it would be a sacrifice for me not to come," King said about volunteering. 

This group will be on the coast the entire week working on this home in Moss Point, as well as a home in Vancleave. If you would like to volunteer to rebuild homes, call the Mississippi United Methodist team at (866) 435-7091.

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