Testimony Begins In Felony DUI Trial

It was a day of tearful testimonies as the trial of Michael Kramm began Wednesday in Biloxi. Kramm is accused of driving drunk and killing a young William Carey student from Ireland back in 2002.

Tracy Staunton and her four friends went out the night of December 4th, 2002 to celebrate the end of the semester at William Carey College, before Tracy headed home to Ireland for Christmas. But the night ended tragically.

The driver of the car, Joseph Nunley, testified they were stopped at the red light at Eisenhower and 90, when they were hit from behind and pushed into the median and then into a light pole.

Nunley and another student in the passenger seat helped get the three girls out of the back seat. Nunley says when he pulled Tracy out, she was bleeding from her mouth and nose. All went to hospital, and never saw Tracy again.

According to other witnesses, Kramm never stopped. He ended up at the gate of the U.S. Armed Forces Retirement Home in Gulfport.

That's where Security Guard Greg Connerly spotted Kramm getting into his SUV.

"When I approached him, he could hardly stand up. He was disoriented. He didn't know where he was at at that particular moment. When I finally made contact with him, I smelled an intoxicating beverage on his breath," Former Security Guard Greg Conerly testified.

Conerly said Kramm told him he had been in an accident, and said he'd leave his car if the guard would just let him walk home. That's when Conerly called Gulfport Police.

Despite a strong cross examination by the Defense, Conerly never wavered from his story.

Thursday will be another emotional day of testimony in the case.