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Bayou Caddy boat marina coming back


The Bayou Caddy Marina in Hancock County is well on its way to making a full post-Katrina comeback.

Construction has started on a new harbor master building to replace the one destroyed during the storm. It's one of many upgrades that will be made to the marina.

It's hard to miss the new harbor master building going up at the Bayou Caddy Marina. The building towers over the docking spaces.

"Before the storm the Harbor Master building consisted of an office and public restroom facilities and that's exactly what will be going back although it's a little more of a stronger building because since the storm with the new flood elevations this building will be elevated over 20 foot in the air," explained Hancock County Engineer Geoffrey Clemens.

Getting into the building might not be as tough as you might think.

"Had to have an elevator put in it because of the increased height. And of course has stair-way access as well . So it will be a real nice public restroom facility. A good office for the harbor master," said Clemens.

Since Katrina, several new amenities like a new fishing pier and 800 feet of new docking space for commercial fishermen have been added, and even more is on the way.

"And there's about another 200 to 300 feet that there is currently funds available for that will be coming in the future," said Clemens.

Storm damaged water and electrical hook-ups have already been replaced and fishermen couldn't be happier.

"They got power down here now and they got water so you be able to wash your boat down and get fresh water on your boat it makes it a lot easier on you so you don't have to tote that stuff down here or bring a generator to work on your boat it's nice to have power and running water." Said Commercial Fisherman Raymond McCall.

Right now the marina has room for about 30 commercial fishing boats. The planned expansion will nearly double that. 

The $600,000 harbor master building is expected to be finished by summer. The total cost of the repair work will be $1.5 million. The money is coming from FEMA, CDBG and Tidelands leases.

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