Court Decision Could Send High School Football Players To The NFL

A recent court decision could clear the way for more young athletes to play professional football. Thursday, a U.S. District judge ruled the NFL's rules regarding its draft violate federal anti-trust laws. That could mean, even a high school player could apply for the NFL draft.

Gulfport high football coach Joey D'Angelo has been coaching high school football for more than three decades. He feels it would be very difficult for any athlete to make the jump from high school to the NFL.

"It would be very tough. Could it be done by a special athlete? Probably so. But it is tough for these kids from high school, with all the temptations they face, it is hard to imagine taking a high school kid and putting him in a professional atmosphere."

Two players on the Gulfport High team told us they think players should worry about getting an education first, then focus on playing at the professional level.