Florists Blooming For Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is less than a week away and florists across South Mississippi are already in full swing getting ready for this romantic holiday.

This weekend, many florists received their first large shipments of flowers to get ready for the big holiday rush.

As Pat Steele, the manager of the Transplant Florist in Moss Point, picks out what she'll be selling for Valentine's Day, workers inside are gearing up for their biggest holiday of the year.

"It's THE biggest," Steele said. "We're expecting Thursday, Friday, and Saturday to be big this year."

To get ready, this floral shop ordered thousands of roses and hundreds of other plants and flowers.

"People will want things to go out to businesses Thursday and Friday, and then Saturday it will be bedlam," said Steele.

"It will be a lot of walk-in traffic, They forgot at the last minute, and then here they come." she added.

The big holiday, also results in a big profit. "It generates enough revenue to hold us through the hard times and the slow times until Mother's Day," Steele said.

"Without the holiday business, you know you just.. you would probably be lost."

But this holiday doesn't just generate money for this store. It also generates jobs for the area.

"We get a lot of seasonal help," said Steele. "We couldn't do it without them because normally it's just two of us in here. We've got a least six extra designers coming in. We've got four extra people coming to work the front. We've got two cash registers set up, and we've got three extra delivery people."

Workers at Transplant Florist think Valentine's Day will be in full bloom this year, they will be gearing up all week for the countdown to most romantic day of the year.

Workers at the Transplant Florist suggests pre-ordering gifts and flowers to make sure your valentine gift arrives on time.