New Exhibits Teaching Students The Significance Of Wetlands

Environmental officials are hoping a $193,000 grant will help children understand the important function of wetlands. This new exhibit, "Wonder Filled Wetlands" is now open at Lynn Meadows Discovery Center.

The exhibit allows children to discover facts about recycling and taking care of our environment, then they report their findings in a television studio. Children can also report their findings before screens of environmental scenes, as well as, experience a kayak trip down the Wolf River.

Experts say since we live in a wetlands environment, it is very important that our children understand this special resource. They say we will not solve the problem of eroding wetlands in our lifetime, but we have to make the first step.

"This is probably one of the most exciting first steps that we'll make," Dr John Guyton said.

"The reason is because they're reaching children during the formative years, and this is the time that they need to become sensitive to the wonderful things that we live in the middle of."

"We know that the students of Mississippi are an important human resource and very important when dealing with environmental problems," Janet Chapman of the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality said.

"We expect this wetlands exhibit to bring... opportunities for these students to make a difference here on the Coast," Dr. Chapman said.

For more information on the new exhibit you can call Lynn Meadows Discover Center at 897-6039.