Long Beach High School Drummers Take Top Honors

For fans of America's show-style marching bands, half time is game time.

A squad of musicians takes over the field, commanding attention with their spectacular display of choreography and musicianship. Saturday afternoon, high school drum lines from all over the Gulf Coast met at Harrison Central High School to see who is best on the beat

From Tallahassee to Texas and everywhere in between high school drum lines met on the same floor battling it out in competition to see who can bring the beats with ability, movement, and performance.

"It's a great thing. You know when you go out there and you know you're getting ready and the whole crowd is just going wild for you." said Long Beach High Band member Dwight Demetz.

"It's a great feeling, and it also puts more energy in to you and makes you do a lot better show." Demetz added.

"These type of competitions give a positive experience for the kids in many ways where they learn to work in a group. They have responsibility. They're responsible for each other." said Dwight Hollingsworth, Drum line Circuit Executive Director.

"They do a lot of things they travel together, they have to get along with each other,and they also practice a tremendous amount of hours per week." he added.

The Long Beach High Ensemble has been preparing for this competition since the Christmas holidays... Members say nothing will stop them from winning this year.

"It's a joy and a pleasure to have the kids I got, even though when they're down they still try to do their best, and that's all we ever ask of them. You go out there and you show them your best."said Casey Caviness.

"I think we did pretty good." said Caviness.

The Long Beach High Ensemble did more than good, they won the the scholastic "A" marching division. The group will compete in more regional competitions to work its way up to nationals. St. Stanislaus was the only other local team to compete this afternoon in the independent "A" division.